Pet Friendly Buildings

Pet lover? Pet owner? Wanting to buy in a building that allows pets, and are tired of trying to find such listings on the MLS? This page will be useful. Click on the sub area below you are interested in to find active listings in buildings that allow pets.


Note: These buildings all either have no restrictions on pets, or allow pets ‘with restrictions.' There is much variance from strata to strata on restrictions; some buildings will simply require the pet be registered with strata or restricted to certain common areas, others will only allow cats or only allow dogs, others may restrict the number or breed or size, etc. There is often no way to discover simply from data posted by listing agents on the MLS what these restrictions are without doing a little legwork. Please do not hesitate to ask us to find out for you any more specific data you may want regarding a specific building.

** If there's a specific building, or ‘niche' type of property, that you're interested in tracking, our ‘Marketwatcher' service (click here) is free, passive, and very popular. You provide an email address and some basic parameters (including any pet requirements), and the service creates a website for you that tracks all listings that match, maintains a chronological database, adds new listings as they come on the MLS, and updates each listing with sales data, $/sf values, time on market, etc. It's a fantastic tool for building a frame of reference for a future purchase, or tracking values in your own neighborhood.